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Pet Bereavement Services

As with any bereavement the death of a much loved pet can be devastating and an enormous loss. To some the pet may have become a member of the family, a companion, a friend, - and if you were close to your pet it is normal to have the reactions to its loss that you may experience in the death of a person i.e. shock, disbelief, numbness, anger, pain, hurt, sadness, guilt and overwhelming grief.

It can sometimes be hard for others to recognise the extent to which the loss of your beloved pet may be affecting you and it is not uncommon to hear 'it was only a dog’, 'you can easily get another one' etc. As with any bereavement it is important for you to have someone to talk to who does understand exactly how you are feeling and what the loss of your pet has meant to you.

It may be particularly difficult if you were in the position of having to have your pet put to sleep and that is a heartrending decision to have to make. However making that decision shows the enormous amount of love you had for your pet and the ability you had to put your pet's care and wellbeing before your own thoughts of loss. When a pet we love is ill and suffering, there is no other choice but making the decision to have their life ended with dignity and humanely to end any suffering and your pet would have understood that and the love that you showed him/her by making that decision.

However, just as when we lose a person we love they would ultimately want us to move on with our lives and be as happy as we can - it is the same for the pet we have lost - they too would want us to move on, be happy, remember the good times with them and if it helps to have another pet they would be fine with that too. If you have a lot of love and caring to give to another pet and can give a good and loving home that would be a really good thing to do - when the time is right for you. Don't allow yourself to be pressured into having another pet until you are ready - if you are ready - that is your choice.

Providing your pet with the very best in dignity when their time finally comes to say goodbye, whilst at the same time giving you, the owner, total peace of mind.

We use a well renowned pet cremation services company who follow strict guidelines set by the Environment Agency to offer you the following options:

Individual Cremation Service

Many  pet owners choose to have their beloved  pets remains returned to them in either a casket, china urn  or scatterbox. All details of the individual cremation  are  recorded for your peace of mind and assurance. Costs are as follows:

Dogs from                £115.00

Cats & rabbits from    £95.00

Small animals from    £50.00

This is for the ashes to be returned  in either  a casket, china urn or scatterbox.  Please note any memorials ordered are at an additional cost.

Communal Cremation Service

For many pet owners a communal cremation is their chosen  method of cremation,  however this does mean that it is not possible to return the remains of your pet. For reassurance it is possible to ask for certification of your pets communal cremation. Costs are as follows:

Dog                         £25.00

Cat                          £20.00

Rabbit                      £20.00

Small animals            £15.00