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August 2017

Sep 01, 2017


Oh hi there. My name is Lilly and I’m a dog!
So the humans here have asked me to let you know what has been going on here this month and I’m very happy to be asked to help! Oh look, a toy!

Oh right yes, this month. Sadie informs me we have had 105 adoptions this month! Wow! Me and my pal Merlin are hoping one day we will be lucky too with a loving home to welcome us..oh and toys!  We cannot wait for that day! 


Also we had a lot of fun with the rabbits this month; they even had their own Rabbit Awareness day! Kerry and Sadie a couple of the humans here organised the event and it went down really well! Many people came (and some even came to see me which was very exciting!), there was cakes and tea (ooh cakes, yummy!) and some stalls and tombola too! I was told that it was excellent, but I wasn’t allowed in or I would have knocked everything over (I tend to wag my tail too much – everything is just so awesome!).



We had an amazing group called NCS from North Staffordshire come in and say hello to everyone, and very kindly presented us with a £1000 cheque that they had fundraised for the Centre! We’re all very grateful for this and this will go towards helping with Vet bills and to help animals like my friend Pebbles who need an operation on her poorly leg!


 We celebrated ‘Check the Chip’ day on August 15th, which was to raise awareness to make sure your pets were chipped, especially dogs (as it’s the law for dogs to be micro-chipped  – gulp!) and to make sure that your details are all up to date! I hope you all made sure to check your pets chips, so it helps stop pets getting lost or if injured, find their way home.

We also celebrated the Black and Black & White cats this month (hooray!). Did you know they are the least adopted colour of cats but are the ones that take up most shelter space? I’ve got a lot of black & black and white cats friends that need homes, like Buzz, Woody, Hermit and even Gerald, a swell old fella who needs a lovely home! He’s a bit down in the dumps at the minute, so paws crossed he finds his forever home soon!

 Oh, and you know the best part of this month? We had puppies! Well, not me, exactly. Leo, Lexie and Angel are very cool little Merle Whippet/Collie cross puppies who were completely blind. They’ve already found homes, all three of them! All the staff have been so happy to see them go to brilliant homes and Lexie (now Hope) and Angel (now Luna) have already come back for visits! They were featured on the National RSPCA website for the first International Blind Dog Day and a blog was written about them by a lady from National RSPCA and our very own Sadie collaborating with her to write about them! You can read that here;


One last thing before I go, we are looking for Event Stallholders for our Christmas Event! Sadie said if you are interested you should contact her via email! You can read more about the event by going here:

Okay, I must dash. Its play time in the yard, and I gotta go! I’m so excited, I’m going to get more treats and get to play all day! Woohoo! Byeeeee.



Sadie Brice


Supporter Engagement Officer

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